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Retirement Transition

You have worked hard your entire life and played by the rules. Whether your first marriage or not, you care deeply about your partner and want to enjoy your time in these beautiful mountains. Still, transitions can be extremely challenging and stressful. There are very important decisions that need to be made regarding health and finances. You may find that you are arguing more than usual and need a mediator to help you find common ground. You have come way to far to give up now. There are many solutions yet to be be explored. With effective communication and creative problem solving you can get back on track and realize your dreams together. This was the plan after all, right?

"The Retiring Couple"

Men adjusting to the next (and possibly best) phase of life

According to the famous Psychologist Erik Erikson, the later challenges in life involve Generation vs. Stagnation. Abraham Maslow coined the term Self Actualization, or reaching one's full and complete potential in life. Like it or not, we all have limited time on this earth to accomplish all that we can in work, love and play.

 So now what? What will your next few years look like? You have worked hard and accomplished a great deal, even if it was just to survive. Your career may have ended a little early, gradually or gloriously. Either way,  Now you will have more free time to fill. Will you isolate in your cave, learn a new hobby or  help others?  You have landed in an area rich in resources and opportunity for socializing, fun and  learning. With some inward searching and outward support you can realize goals you never imagined one step at a time. 

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