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So what the heck is "Old Fashioned Therapy" anyway?

I have worked in Mental Health since 1978 in numerous inpatient and outpatient settings. I have seen many changes in theory and technique. Every day there are new and exciting tools and ideas emerging. Still, as much as we try to make this a scientific, "evidenced based" controlled and predictable field, it remains illusive and more art like. The enduring variables seem to be the quality of the relationship with the professional helper, your internal pain or frustration and your readiness to change. Trust and consistency is crucial in the helping process. So in "Old Fashioned Therapy", we get back to the very basics of therapy. The focus is on you, not on how much I know or fancy techniques. What you are feeling and thinking, what you are saying or trying to say or afraid to even consider is key. I listen very carefully and reflect back. I help you fully value your "inner self" and find the words to express and explore your deepest thoughts and emotions.  Based on this awareness, you can then make informed choices about how you live your life. That said, we will utilize concepts and tools from Transactional Analysis, Imago Therapy and Family Systems occasionally in our time together. We will clearly establish a contract that is based on what you want to accomplish in our time together. This will help you "live life on purpose", not sleepwalk your way through based on old beliefs or habits.

So let's get going! Call me at (828) 424-5646 and chat a bit about how your life could improve. You and others will be glad you did!

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