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So this is my first Blog entry..... Why not??

So.... Just finished 13 mile hike in Cataloochee w/ Asheville Hiking Club yesterday. Tired as hell. Mom warned me not to do it. She said, "It's too far. Don't over do it. All things in moderation." Direct quote I swear. My Dad who passed a few months ago would have been the first in line.. He would jump off any cliff anytime anywhere. Which one was right? Am I more like my Mom or Dad? Would I do it again? Probably not, but who knows? We do tend to forget about the pain and remember the accomplishment. How much is too much? How far is too far? Will I fail? Am I proud or just damn glad it's over? Yes, yes and yes. Like all of the above and more. There were several points where I seriously thought about just plopping down on the ground. Is it better to have a stroke or a heart attack or to be seriously embarassed? So I kept pushing way beyond where I usually would in hopes I would get through it. Somehow I reached the end w/ some good friends. A few were ahead and a few behind. So this may be my new life lesson and approach to life. Push harder than usual and lean on a few trusted friends when the going gets tough.                                                                                             Guess these are the existential questions we all have to live with and make decisions about every hour of every day. So I challenge myself and I challenge you to do something really scary. Take a risk but don't get too crazy. Let me know how it goes!!!


First blog entry. To risk or not to risk!!

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